About Black Ice

By Mark Newby

Golden Horseshoe Recreation Area
Little Sand fire progression mapAt Black Ice Geospatial LLC, our goal is to create and deliver solutions based on spatial awareness.

If the location of something is important to you, it is certain there is a nearby feature that is equally important – perhaps vital to your analysis and decision-making process. To make the right decision based on the proximity of these objects or events, you need to visualize them. Intuitive and easy-to-use graphic presentation of visual elements is the goal of Black Ice. We deliver striking and dynamic images of the data critical to your decision-making process.

We produce proprietary GPS survey and GIS analysis that our clients use to make key decisions affecting their interests. Black Ice Geospatial performs community service for non-profit organizations to promote conservation and benefit the environment.

Visit our Event Design, 3D Navigation, and Wildfire pages to see how we Visualize Unseen Information ™.

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    Black Ice Geospatial LLC is going to make a difference in your environment!

Please contact us at:
Email: info@blackicegeospatial.com
Phone: 970-480-7740

  1. Dave Bouwman says:

    Where are you getting the High Park fire perimeter data? Can you share it so we can get it on a web map?


    Dave Bouwman – DTS Agile – 970 227 1057

  2. Chester says:

    I linked to one of your maps on Twitter, and wanted to give you credit via your Twitter handle, but the Social Connections links on your website do not go anywhere. I couldn’t find your twitter handle anywhere.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Chester. We will be adding social network connections shortly, right now we are focusing on making the maps. Check today’s blog for information on how to find your property using Google Earth – we will provide the USFS Google Earth overlay to determine if it is in the fire zone, and this will become a regular feature of our wildfire reporting.

  3. Mark Newby says:

    It is now 8 days after the terrible destruction in Colorado Springs from the Waldo Canyon fire. Our image was made late at night the same day the houses were destroyed. Without trying to seem too tongue-in-cheek, anyone with a few billion dollars worth of satellite infrastructure and thousands of employees, hundreds of whom are experts in orthographic projection, can produce a nice geo-corrected layer given a week to process the results, and put it on Google. Our visualization was derived from aerial images taken by a free-lance photographer in a light plane; John Wark, a man with the expertise and the courage to make the flight over a difficult thermal environment. We certainly did not complain about the opportunity to develop a community service on a volunteer basis using only hard-earned knowledge and native intelligence, all without a few billion dollars worth of equipment, just hard work and a vision of what could be done. I urge you to study geospatial sciences and deliver vital information to a community in need in a timely manner sometime. You might enjoy it!
    I want to take this opportunity to thank ESRI, without whose wonderful software this development would not have been possible. They are heroes performing community service every day with the development of the knowledge to create solutions to serve a vast worldwide community.